Antarctica (The White Continent)

These expeditions have been journeys of discovering myself. They have pushed me physically, mentally, and financially, while exploring the immense possibilities that await beyond the beaten path and horizons.

Anurag Maloo

Antarctica (The White Continent)



3 days







About The Expedition

Yeah, so I think it’s a dream project. So, okay, let’s start this way, you know, you know, I want to start climbing mountains and become that mountain printer. So, and you’ve heard about this, you know, my journey that I keep using this hashtag finding my Everest. Yeah. And so it’s that personal story about challenging myself every day and keep finding my Everest, you know, and getting to know what I am capable of doing, you know, my body, my mind and just me as a person, what really I can do. And, you know, so challenging myself at every bit, is this journey I want to embark on. I want to, you know, take up that sport, pandemic, actually kind of, you know, helped me reprioritize some of these goals in life. I’ve, you know, like, I travel so much, and all the travel gone away in the pandemic, I used to think my work like can never travel, pandemic broke all those myths in my head, that, you know, travel is so essential for you to work and you know, like, like, I can do still everything. It has its own pros and cons. It helped me prioritize myself, reflect on myself, my health, personal mental health, and all the goals I have in life.

Expedition Location

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