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Anurag Maloo’s Miraculous Survival Story on Annapurna

Anurag Maloo is an Indian mountaineer, Global SDG Ambassador, startup mentor, social activist, and engineer. He made headlines in April 2023, after he went missing at Mount Annapurna in Nepal and was presumed to be dead. He was later found alive and rescued by two Polish climbers and a team of Sherpas. Here is a brief biography of Anurag Maloo:

At Death's Door: The MIRACULOUS Rescue of Anurag Maloo on Annapurna

Two Polish rescuers shed tears when they discovered that Indian climber Anurag Maloo was found to be alive after spending three days inside a crevasse on Annapurna. The miraculous rescue required a team led by Mariusz Hatala and Adam Bieleski to brave one of the most dangerous spots on the mountain.

FIRST PERSON ANURAG MALOO: A Fight for Survival | News9 Plus Show

A fight for survival. A tale of miracle, grit and will power. Anurag Maloo, an Indian mountain climber fell into a crevasse at the most dangerous section of Annapurna, the most dangerous mountain in Nepal. He fell into a 70-metre-deep crevasse at 6,000 metres while descending from Camp 3. This fall is considered deadly. When rescuers reached the site of the accident three days later, they were [ https://explorersweb.com/breaking-anu… | surprised to find him alive ] . Then began his journey in different hospitals where doctors managed to keep him alive against all odds.