The Climbing4SDGs initiative has set its goal to utilize mountaineering as a platform for the purpose of engaging with local communities, creating awareness about the SDGs, motivating individuals to take action and supporting innovation.


Climbing the world's tallest peaks to advocate sustainability, with mountaineering as a metaphor for the challenges to attain sustainability.


Climbing mountains require an entrepreneurial mindset. It is all about taking risk & persevering through adversity.

The Global SDGs

The climbs aim at engaging with local communities, inspiring and supporting ideas bringing people together towards global goals.

Hey there,
I'm Anurag Maloo

Here’s my story:

I’m the Regional Director (Asia-Pacific) and Vice President (Global Partnerships) at Seedstars. I lead multi-stakeholder partnerships to support entrepreneurs and impact people’s lives in emerging markets through technology and entrepreneurship.

I’m also a trained mountaineer who seeks to climb the world’s tallest peaks to advocate for sustainability. I believe that mountaineering challenges can serve as a powerful metaphor for the struggles humanity faces in achieving the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

That’s why I started the #Climbing4SDGs initiative, which aims to use mountaineering as a platform to engage with local communities, raise awareness about the SDGs, inspire people to take action and support innovation.

The Mountains teach us an important lesson: the world belongs to everyone! So, let’s create an inclusive and equitable world by creatively engaging with SDGs.

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Recent Expeditions


These expeditions helped me discover myself and explore beyond the beaten path, pushing me physically, mentally, and financially.


Mt. Ama Dablam

Climbing Mt. Ama Dablam is an extraordinary adventure that challenges even the most experienced climbers. Located in the Khumbu region of Nepal.


Mt. Satopanth (Attempted)

Climbing Mt. Satopanth is a challenging and rewarding experience that will take you through some of the most remote and awe-inspiring parts of the Indian Himalayas.


Mt. Nun

Climbing Mt. Nun is an exhilarating and challenging adventure that will test your physical and mental endurance. Located in the breathtakingly beautiful region of Ladakh.

Mountaineering, Entrepreneurship & the SDGs

the core

Mountaineering, entrepreneurship, and the SDGs are the heart & soul of the entire initiative. With mountaineering requiring an entrepreneurial mindset, this initiative aims at raising awareness towards the global goals.

Innovation and Creativity

Mountaineering, SDGs, and entrepreneurship demand fresh and imaginative solutions to complex global challenges.

Risk-Taking and Perseverance

Climbing mountains and running a business both require taking risks and persevering through adversity.

Collaboration and Partnerships

Scaling mountains and succeeding in business both necessitate teamwork and building partnerships with others.

Impact and Legacy

Scaling mountains, building businesses, and achieving SDGs all have the potential to create a lasting impact

journey through lens


Over the time, I have managed to capture these beautiful moments in the form of photographs. Live the memories through my lens, as you enjoy these pictures.

Mount Rinjani - NTB

Mount Rinjani - NTB

10 Team Members

Mount Agung, Bali

Mount Agung, Bali

20 Team Members

Mount Jayawijaya, Papua

Mount Jayawijaya, Papua

8 Team Members

Mount Batur, Bali

Mount Batur, Bali

14 Team Members

experience how it feels to be on the mountans

Explore amazing videos from my past expeditions and live the moments with me.

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