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Hi, I am Anurag Maloo, a mountaineer, a startup mentor, a social activist, and an engineer. I am also a global advocate for the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the founder of the ‘Climbing4SDGs’ initiative, which uses mountaineering as a tool to create awareness and action for the global goals.

I have a remarkable story of survival and courage. In April 2023, I fell into a deep crevasse on Mount Annapurna, the deadliest mountain in the world, and was rescued after three days of being trapped in sub-zero temperatures. I recorded my own videos inside the crevasse, talking to myself and hoping for a rescue. I underwent multiple surgeries and treatments at AIIMS and made a miraculous recovery.

I am an inspiring speaker who can share my insights and experiences on topics such as:

  • Mountaineering and adventure
  • Sustainable development and social innovation
  • Entrepreneurship and leadership
  • Resilience and mental health
  • Motivation and personal growth

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