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At Death's Door: The MIRACULOUS Rescue of Anurag Maloo on Annapurna

Two Polish rescuers shed tears when they discovered that Indian climber Anurag Maloo was found to be alive after spending three days inside a crevasse on Annapurna. The miraculous rescue required a team led by Mariusz Hatala and Adam Bieleski to brave one of the most dangerous spots on the mountain. With Hatala building a pulley system, Bielecki rappeled over 60 meters into the crevasse. Imagine Bielecki’s surprise, when expecting to find a lifeless body, to learn that Maloo was alive. THIS IS THE WHOLE STORY.

AIIMS के डॉक्टरों का मिला साथ, Anurag Maloo फिर माउंट अन्नपूर्णा को फतेह करने जाएंगे

जिस माउंट अन्नपूर्णा (Annapurna) से गिरे माउंटेनियर अनुराग मालू, फिर आगे करेंगे वहां की चढ़ाई. पैर फिसला तो 80 मीटर नीचे गहराई में गिरे. करीब साढ़े पांच महीने अस्पताल के बिस्तर पर रहने के बाद अनुराग अब भी कहते हैं की शरीर ने साथ दिया तो फिर माउंट अन्नपूर्णा की चढ़ाई की अधूरी कोशिश पूरी करेंगे. बात की संवाददाता परिमल कुमार ने. 

From the Abyss: Climber's CHILLING Encounter with Death

In His Own Words: EXCLUSIVE Footage of the Miracle on Annapurna: Anurag Maloo was found still breathing after spending three days and three nights in a crevasse on Annapurna. This is one of the greatest stories in mountaineering! Learn about the miraculous survival story of Indian climber Anurag Maloo in his own words.

Recovery Triumphs Over Adversity | Anurag Maloo’s Journey at AIIMS New Delhi | India Govt Nepal Govt

Recovery Triumphs Over Adversity | Anurag Maloo’s Journey at AIIMS New Delhi | India Govt Nepal Govt

Indian Mountaineer Anurag Maloo's unbelievable rescue | WION Originals

Anurag Maloo was atop the 10th highest mountain in the world, the 8,091-metre Mt Annapurna in Nepal, when he faced the most fateful day of his life. While descending, the mountaineer from Kishangarh city of India’s northern Rajasthan state chose the wrong rope. And this mistake led the 34-year to fall disastrously into a deep crevasse on April 17. He remained in the snow-clad mountains for three days, waiting for rescue.

Missing Indian Climber Anurag Maloo Rescued Alive After 4 Day From Nepal's Mount Annapurna

Indian climber Anurag Maloo, who went missing on Monday after falling into a deep crevasse on Nepal’s Mount Annapurna, has been found alive in critical condition by rescuers, his brother was quoted by news agency PTI as saying.

How Indian mountaineer Anurag Maloo was rescued from a crevasse in Nepal's Mt Annapurna

Indian Mountaineer Anurag Maloo went missing on April 17 after falling into a crevasse on Mt. Annapurna, and was presumed dead. But miraculously, he was found alive on April 20. He remains in a critical condition in a hospital in Kathmandu. This is the story of his harrowing rescue.

Video: Climber's Incredible Rescue Of Indian Anurag Maloo From Crevasse

A day after it was announced that Indian climber Anurag Maloo, who went missing while descending Nepal’s Mount Annapurna last week, has been found alive, a dramatic video of the rescue operation has emerged on social media.

Missing For Three Days, Mountaineer Found In Mt Annapurna Crevasse, But Who Rescued Him?

Mountaineer Anurag Maloo, who went missing on April 17 after falling into a crevasse below Base Camp 3 while descending Mount Annapurna, has been found alive. However, his condition remains critical, and he is receiving treatment in Kathmandu. Maloo was located by a team of rescuers after days of intense search efforts. Polish mountaineer Adam Bielecki was one in a team of six sherpas and two foreigners who rescued Anurag with the help of Indian and Nepalese authorities.

Anurag Maloo: पर्वतारोही अनुराग मालू का खतरनाक रेस्क्यू ऑपरेशन, रौंगटे खड़े कर देगा वीडियो

पर्वतारोही अनुराग मालू का खतरनाक रेस्क्यू ऑपरेशन वीडियो सामने आया है. नेपाल के अन्नपूर्णा पर्वत पर रेस्क्यू टीम ने अपनी जान की बाजी लगाकर भारत के Anurag Maloo का रेस्क्यू किया. Rescue वीडियो में देखा जा सकता है कि रेस्क्यू टीम कितनी गंभीर परिस्थिति में अपने काम को बखूबी अंजाम दे रही है. इस कड़ी मशक्कत के बाद अनुराग मालू को 6 हजार फीट गहरी बर्फ से ढकी खाई से निकाला गया.