Who is Anurag Maloo, an Indian climber missing at Mt Annapurna in Nepal?

Who is Anurag Maloo, an Indian climber missing at Mt Annapurna in Nepal?

Mountaineer and entrepreneur Anurag Maloo is a recipient of REX KaramVeer Chakra and he became the 2041 Antarctic Youth Ambassador from India.


Anurag Maloo

Mountaineer, and entrepreneur, Anurag Maloo goes missing on Mt Annapurna in Nepal (Image: Instagram/@AnuragMaloo) | Image:self

As the hunt for the Indian climber, Anurag Maloo continues for the 3rd day, his family and friends have launched an online petition calling the Indian and Nepalese governments to take measures to ensure his return. A petition has been created on Change.org to raise awareness and gather support.

The 34-year-old Anurag Maloo hails from Kishangarh town in Rajasthan. Maloo, who had scaled several peaks before, went missing in Mt. Annapurna of Nepal. 

Who is Anurag Maloo?

Anurag Maloo, a mountaineer and entrepreneur, is a recipient of REX KaramVeer Chakra and he became the 2041 Antarctic Youth Ambassador from India, according to sources. He is currently the head of partnerships for Asia at investment firm Seedstars. The Seedstars executive is known for his work in emerging markets. Notably, Seedstars was founded in 2013 and is headquartered in Switzerland. 

At Seedstars, Maloo focuses on new business development and sales, manages the large key accounts while building partnerships for impact to launch innovation programs within the SDG framework fostering gender equity, climate action, sustainability, etc., and works closely with various UN bodies like UNEP, UN Women, UNIDO, UNFCCC, UNDP, etc., ODAS, DFIs, national & regional governments, and other bilateral & multilateral institutions.

According to Anurag Maloo’s LinkedIn profile, he is an entrepreneur, community builder, global facilitator, innovation and well-being coach, and ecosystem architect. Previously, he worked with Techstars, the global platform for investment and innovation, as Regional Manager in Asia-Pacific for 6 years, to grow, develop and catalyse the regional entrepreneurship ecosystems. He has been instrumental in launching Techstars India, and Techstars Bangalore Accelerator.

Maloo is an alumni of the South East Asia Leadership Academy (SEALA) and a member of the Society of International Business Fellows (SIBF) network. Anurag Maloo is big on nurturing authentic and deep human connections through empathy and compassion. Maloo actively mentors early-stage entrepreneurs globally across various organizations and networks like Seedstars, UNLEASH, Techstars, Startup Weekend, Founder Institute, XGenesis, Global Innovation Catalyst, Bridge For Billions, Impact Collective, Startup India, etc.

An aspiring mountaineer, so far, his journeys have taken him as far south to the cold & polar deserts of Antarctica to far north trekking to the base of the world’s highest mountain, Mt. Everest Basecamp, and traveling across high-altitude Himalayan Passes along the ancient trade cities on Silk Road to the vast, wild grasslands and virgin landscapes of nomadic Mongolia to the various conflict regions around Asia.

Indian climber goes missing in 10th highest mountain Mt Annapurna in Nepal

While attempting to climb the 10th highest mountain Mt. Annapurna in Nepal on Monday, April 17, a 34-year-old Indian climber went missing in the hills. He went missing while descending from Camp III of Mt. Annapurna on Monday morning, Mingma Sherpa, chairman of Seven Summit Treks which conducted the trekking expedition told the media.

Sherpa further said that the search operation to locate the missing climber is on. He confirmed that Anurag fell into a crevasse while returning from Camp IV on Monday afternoon. 

According to reports, the climber is on a mission to climb all 14 peaks above 8,000m and seven summits to create awareness about the UN Sustainable Development Goals. As per the official from the expedition organizing organization, the climber went missing after he fell down from around 6,000m while descending from Camp III. 

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